Pick from two different styles of galleries, or use both to create your own custom portfolio system.

The Classic Gallery

As easy to use as WordPress itself – just load your images, and everything will load directly into a customized lightbox. Works with video and full galleries too!

The Project Gallery

This template is designed specifically for your portfolio projects – it searches for all blog posts that you have labeled as a certain category, then displays everything in an easy to use Portfolio format. Perfect when you want to offer a little more description on your projects.

Have as Many Galleries as You Want!

Whether you have a few images that you want to display, or hundreds – the Aspire template supports everything that you need! You can even have sub-galleries, just in case you’ve got more images than even the creator of this theme envisioned.

Images, Flash, Video, and More!

Using either the project gallery or the classic gallery, this template supports the following:

  • Flash
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Quicktime
  • External Sites (in an iframe)
  • Inline Content